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Welcome You to

The Inn at Mazatlan

The Timeshare Owners have authored this web site to facilitate in the management and the utilization of their Timeshare Properties owned at The Inn in Mazatlan.

There are times when an Owner cannot use a specific owned weeks. Too, there are times when they desire more vacation time at the Inn.  This site provides a platform for trading of those weeks, Owner to Owner, and Owner to the Public, via the World Wide Web. www.theinnmzt.com

Owner properties are listed in the following categories.  

  1. For Rent Listings show week/s Owners have available to rent in the four different buildings, Azteca Tower, Inca Tower, and the Mayan Tower and Main Building.

  2. For Sale Listings show the week/s that Owners offer for sale in the four different buildings, Azteca Tower, Inca Tower, and the Mayan Tower and Main Building.

  3. “Want to Rent” ~ Listings where Owners or the Public are searching for an additional week/s.

  4. “Want to Buy ~ Listings where Owners or the Public are interested in buying week/s from Inn Owners.

  5. "Partial Week Rentals" ~ Listings where less than a full week is desired or available for rent.

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"Owners Inn at Mazatlan"

The Listings of properties is restricted to Registered Owners of The Inn at Mazatlan.  All transactions are between the Registered Owner and the Buyer. All pricing is in US Dollars ($US)

This Web Site is owned and operated by:
the Time Share Owners at The Inn at Mazatlan.

There are no charges for this Owner Trading Service, no sales commissions, no fees and we have no paid employees.  This Web Site is a "not for profit" site maintained by the contributions of Owners and exists strictly for the mutual benefit of trading partners.  A financial discloser is attached. Web Site Funding

The Domain Names are: www.theinnmzt.com and

Registered Owners listings and/or questions on this web site may be addressed to:

Norman Ribble info@theinnmzt.com or webmaster@innatmazatlanowners.com
PO Box 897; Elephant Butte, NM, 87935, USA

This Web Site does not act in any capacity or authority to represent the Corporation commonly known as:
"The Inn At Mazatlan".

Copyright © 2009 by The Inn At Mazatlan Owners, Elephant Butte, NM.
All Rights Reserved.

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